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About O'Charley's

O'Charley's was first opened in Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee in 1971. At the start, the menu includes some of the favorite dishes from her wife. They not only believe in great food but the awesome atmosphere as well. O'Charley's was built on the principles of hospitality and this is what keeps it above all others. O'Charley's has now more than 200 locations in 17 states of the United States. O'Charley's connect people with each other with an amazing and comfortable setting. If we look at the assets and income of O'Charley's, this comes out to be a leading brand of the country. They had a net income of US$ 35 million during the year 2010. The total assets of O'Charley's are also US$422 million as per the reports of 2010.

O'Charley's provides American food to the people with a slight southern accent as well. O'Charley's also makes sure that customers can get food from them at discounted prices. O'Charley's provides gift cards to the customers which can be used for discounts.

O'Charley's Free Shipping Policy

O'Charley's do not provide any shipping to the customers. However, you can use a third party for the shipping from them by ordering your food online.

O'Charley's Return Policy

O'Charley's sales are final but in case the food is not cooked properly you can contact the store manager for an exchange.

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How to Use O'Charley's Coupon Codes?

O'Charley's makes sure that customers can save a lot using their great discounted deals and gift cards. O'Charley's do not have any coupon codes to redeem online. All you need is to order the food from their restaurant and then show the gift cards at the time of checkout and get a discount from them.

O'Charley's Coupons

How to Save from O'Charley's?

O'Charley's provides different deals to the customers which makes sure that they enjoy the delicious food at their place. O'Charley's also provides gift cards to the customers which are used for the discount.

Some of the prominent saving offers of O'Charley's are given below.

1. Sign up for the email newsletter and get all exclusive offers from them directly in your inbox.

2. O'Charley's also provides birthday surprises to the members.

3. The new members at O'Charley's can get $5 off on the order of $10.

4. O'Charley also provides different kids meals at low prices.

O'Charley's Review

O'Charley's Coupons

The founder of the restaurant was Charles Watkins who was also known as Sonny. The restaurant was operated by the original owner at the start and it produced awesome results for him. Charles was very happy with it but then he sold O'Charley's to the David K. Wachtel in 1984. The new owner of the restaurant was also very experienced in the field and previously worked with the Shoney's and made it to the top of it and also worked as the chief executive and president of it. He had the vision to transform O'Charley's into a large restaurant chain of the country. He started work on his mission from the very first day and during the mid of 1987 the 12th chain of O'Charley's was opened on Kentucky. It was opened on a previous location of another chain of restaurants named as Bennigan's. At the same time, he was also working to convert some more restaurants chains in their restaurants of O'Charley's in the places like Alabama, Huntsville, Tennessee, and Nashville. During 1993 they announced a new growth strategy which then further increased their reputation in the market and helped their 45-unit chain coming up as the leading chain in the country. The company then planned to open 8 new locations during the year of 1994. These new places were planned to be in the states like Tennessee, Paducah, Louisville, Palm Harbor, Kentucky, and Florida. At this time the company again saw changes in the administration which hindered its further progress. The new chief executive of O'Charley's was now Burns. The company also faced lawsuits from few employees which say that they are racist when it comes to promotions and hiring systems of the world. The company denied all the charges and kept on working towards their goal. The company closed the Nashville commissary in 2007 and made a new Performance Food Group for the distribution of the products to the locations. O'Charley's also introduced Free Pie Wednesday which enables the customers to get a free piece of pie from them on their order. The marketing partner of O'Charley's these days is BOHAN. O'Charley's won many awards as well and was featured in Forbes as well among the 200 best small companies of the world. This shows that they are considered among the growing companies of the world. They made it to the list of Forbes for the third consecutive time. They had a long history which shows that despite different problems they are moving towards progress with commitment.

O'Charley's is the favorite place for all the foodies in the country by providing some of the best recipes in the country. They have a very clean and appealing atmosphere. You can always visit them with your friends and family for the best food. O'Charley's serves classic American food to the customer. They have a wide range of food for the brunch, lunch, and dinner. You can order items like sandwiches, salads, poultry, and steaks from O'Charley's. they provide awesome deals and you can get even more benefit by using their deals and gift cards. They also provide you the option to have three items in one plate. If you are looking for budget food, they have a special section for that as well and provide low-cost food to the customers. If you are looking for something else than meat, they have potato soup and many others soups to make your day. Make sure that you are signing up for their email newsletter to get exclusive information regarding all their offers in your inbox. They have a lot of things for you and these countless options are something which makes them one of the best choices for the people these days.

The best thing about O'Charley's is their coupon codes and other promotional offers. These offers let customers save their budget by visiting O'Charley's and at the same time present one of the tastiest food. You can visit search for the gift cards and coupons of O'Charley's online and then use them at the time of checkout for the discount. O'Charley's also presents different gifts and offers to you, if you signed up for their email newsletter and give you the complete information regarding all the discount offers, promotional deals, and coupon codes.

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