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About Publix

Publix is a supermarket based in the United States. Their head office is located in Lakeland Florida. The company was established in 1930. George W. Jenkins was the founder of the company. The first location of the supermarket was in Winter Haven Florida. Four years after they opened, they recorded a massive sale of $120,000. 1n 1935, Publix opened another store. Notwithstanding the depression that was experienced during this period, the store recorded a lot of success. George W. Jenkins was fondly called Mr. George by his staff. The war affected his business. He could not build more stores across the country. During the war in 1945, the company bought 19-store American stores and changed them to Publix supermarket. They are a private company that is run by members of the Jenkins family. Publix has several locations across the United States. They have more stores in Florida more than any part of the U.S.A. other areas where they are located include Georgia, Alabama, South Carolina, Tennessee, North Carolina, Virginia, etc. Publix is among the largest supermarket in the United States. They have locations in places as far as Key West, Spotsylvania and so on. Florida has about 787 Publix stores. Records have shown that Publix currently employs more than 193, 000 individuals. They also have manufacturing facilities that produce dairy, deli, bakery, etc. A renowned publisher like Fortune Magazine included Publix among the list of Best companies to work for this year. Publix ranked 21 on the list. About a year ago, they were ranked among America's largest companies. They were no. 7 on the list. As of 2017, they made sales worth more than $34.6 billion and recorded a profit of $2.3 billion. Some employees of the company are Board members of the company.

Publix prices are competitive compared to other supermarkets in the country. However, with a Publix coupon, you will receive amazing discounts and rewards.

Publix Free Shipping Policy

With a Publix coupon, you are sure of two things. You will receive amazing discounts and free shipping. If you don't have a Publix coupon, standard shipping policy will apply.

Publix Return Policy

Publix always ensures that their customers are satisfied with their services. However, if you're not satisfied with any item you ordered from the supermarket, then you can either return or exchange within 30 days of delivery.

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How to use your Publix Coupon?

If you have just received a Publix coupon for the first time, then follow these easy steps to redeem your rewards;

  • To redeem your digital coupon you have to create an account with Publix. If you have a printable coupon, just walk into a Publix supermarket and present it to the register.

  • Tap "digital coupon" on their website via your computer or mobile device.

  • Click on the coupons you intend to use and save them in your Publix account.

  • Select your favorite orders and add to your shopping cart. However, if you want to claim your reward, you must buy the items you selected their digital coupon.

  • Insert your phone number at check.

  • Tap apply to redeem your coupons.

Publix doesn't allow their customers to use one coupon more than once. So it's very important to use your coupon judiciously.

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How to save from Publix?

The interesting about shopping at Publix is that you have several opportunities to save some money. Items that may be very expensive at other supermarkets can be bought for half the price at Publix. Here are a few tips that will help you save at Publix;

  • Since 2016 Publix introduced what is known as BOGO. It simply means buy one, get one. So it means whatever item you buy you will get another for free. However, in some States, when buying one item, you pay half for the other. So look out for products that are marker BOGO at Publix supermarkets.

  • Customers are rewarded with manufacturers digital coupons. Simply insert your phone at checkout to get the coupon. Registration is compulsory for a digital coupon.

  • You can also save money if you use a grocery app. So whenever you use these apps, you will be rewarded with some money.

  • Another way you can save some money at Publix is to purchase the store brand. You can identify these products because they are marked with a black circle and Publix is spelled in white. Other Publix brands that sell organic products also offer quality products. Their products are as good as national brands.

  • Just like most big supermarkets, Publix also does clear out their products after a while. These products are often sold at for a way price. Visit their frozen clearance area.

  • Let's say you want to a buy meat and it's not yet put out for sale. You can request that the Publix meat department breaks the package for you. Assuming you want to buy an Italian sausage and it has 4 big links. If you only need 1, you can request that the meat department break the package. This way you can save money, especially if you're low on cash. The remaining links will be repackaged properly and sold to another customer.

  • If you're a parent, you will really appreciate this tip. Publix rewards their customers with 14 supplies of free antibiotics with a prescription. The antibiotics include Amoxicillin, Ampicillin, Sulfamethoxazole, Penicillin VK. If you have diabetes, then there is good news for you. Publix will give you a 90 day supply of Lisinopril or metformin with a prescription.

  • You can get a 90 day supply of generics for just $7.50. Meanwhile, other supermarkets sell them for as much $10 for just 30 days. Publix price is far lower than what other stores offer.

  • Are you aware that you could get an item for free at Publix? Before you leave the store always check your receipt to ensure that all the prices therein are correct. Public policy is that once the scanned price of a product is higher than the shelve price, you will get one item for free. However, this doesn't include alcohol and tobacco products. Just check your receipt and if any price isn't correct, kindly inform the customer service.

  • Another way to save is to buy previously owned gift cards. The owners may probably don't want them again. You can save as much as 6 percent by so doing. They are a lot of websites that resell gift cards.

  • Customers that have large families can actually save a lot of money per annum by simply changing the plastic used to buy your items. Some credit card companies offer a 6 percent back if you speed up to $6,000 in groceries yearly. You can ask a Publix customer care to enlighten you more.

  • Do you know that if you buy a Publix gift card worth $3,000, you will receive a discount? Customers that purchase these gift cards are given a 1 percent discount. The more gift cards you buy, the higher the percentage of the discount. An average shopper may not appreciate this offer. Businesses will definitely understand the value of 1 percent from a $3,000 discount.

  • You can subscribe to their newsletter to get exclusive information about their offers, deals, and promo codes.

  • Imagine you could stop Publix from selling an item. How? Very easy, assuming a product you want to buy is not in stock, just go to the customer service and ask for a rainsheck. This request will extend the life of the sale and your coupon. Assuming the coupon expires, the item will not be sold until the date written on the raincheck.

  • Are you aware that Publix accepts coupons from other brands? So whenever you have a coupon from a competitor just go to the customer desk and find out if it's accepted.

  • The company has several programs that you can sign up and save even more time and money. Some of these programs include Paws, Baby Club, Stocking Spree, Best Meals Happen at home and so on. You can save up to 30 percent from the store price as a member of any of these programs. You will also receive extra coupons and exclusive emails on certain products.

  • This company has several rebate campaigns each year. These rebate campaigns are linked with manufacturers of most products.

  • It's very rare to find any company offering a gas card deal. Save up to 20 percent with a gas card deal. Publix gives a gas card deal to their customers once every month.

  • If you want a deli, you can order it online. This will save you the stress of going up and down the aisles.

  • When next you're going for shopping at Publix, go with your kids. Publix gives kids free cookies whenever you shop at the supermarket. Just go to the bakery section of the supermarket and allow your kids to pick free cookies.

However, please note that while making use of these tips, service fees may apply.

Publix Review

Publix has a total of 1,190 locations across the country. This supermarket has received more than 20 awards from reputable organizations. As far back as 2000, they received the United States Environmental Protection Agency's Merit Award. Publix stocks are private and restricted. Only Publix employees are allowed to purchase their stocks. Publix engages in several charitable activities. They raise money and food for charity. They have several segments at their stores. Some of their brands are Greatwise Market,  Publix Sabor, Pharmacy, Baycare telehealth sites, DVD rental Kiosk, The Little Clinic, etc. Publix has a reliable customer service. Each of their stores has responsive customer care support. Their agents are always ready to help. Publix services include event planning, online shopping, real estate, etc. They also do home delivery. The principal members of Publix are Todd Jones as chief executive officer ad Ed Crenshaw as chairman of the company. Take note that item prices vary from store prices. The company is named as the 15 largest stores in the entire U.S.A. Publix sells affordable products of all kinds. The company has several avenues that her customers can save from. Use these tips to get more rewards;

  • Social media has become another avenue where big companies like Publix interact with their customers. Just like their Facebook page or subscribe to their YouTube channel to get details about their promo codes, discounts, and deals.

  • Publix website is user-friendly. Visit their site once in a while to get first-hand information about their activities.

  • Shop at Publix during the holidays, to benefit from their massive promo offers. You can save as much as 50 percent of the original price of some products.

  • Publix coupons offer free shipping, so always look out for them.

  • This supermarket also offers up to 50 percent discount if you are 60 years and above.

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