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About Tractor Supply Company

The first Tractor supply was established in 1939 in Minot, North Dakota. It's one of the largest retail stores in America, right now it operates and owns more than 1700 stores in 49 states. Tractor supply focuses more on their basic maintenance products to home, land, pet and animal owners. At first, it was founded in 1938 as a mail order tractor parts business, and it focused more on America's family farmers.

Tractor supply's market now mainly consists of Farmers, horse owners, ranchers, part-time and hobby farmers and suburban and rural homeowners and also contractors and tradesmen.

At Tractor Supply you can find almost everything you want when it comes to maintaining your farm, ranches, homes and animals , with tractor supply's products you will be able to build fences in your garden or farm, welding gates, constructing feed bins, taking care of livestock and pets, repairing tractors and trucks, not only that but also you will find products like, clothing, equine and pets supplies, tractor/trailer parts and accessories, lawn and garden supplies, sprinkler/irrigation parts, power tools, fencing, welding and pump supplies, riding mowers and much more.

Tractor Supply Free Shipping Policy

Tractor Supply offers free shipping policy with no minimum purchase required on all shipped to store orders but that doesn't include special orders, LTL or truck delivery purchases and parts store purchases and oversize fees may still apply. Regarding free shipping to your home or farm you can check their special promotions as tractor supply offers coupon codes over now and then on some of their products and offers free shipping on them, for example, you may find free shipping on all Footwear or you may find free shipping on pet food orders with minimum requirements. In order to get free shipping you can ship to your nearest tractor supply store or you can always check their website for shipping coupons and promo codes.

Tractor Supply Return Policy

Tractor supply's main goal is customer satisfaction, therefore, if you're not satisfied with the product you recently purchase they will return it for you as soon as possible or you can go to the nearest store and return the product. The return policy applies on both purchasing from the store or online, if you're not satisfied with the product you purchased you can return it to them with proof of purchase within 30 days from purchase date and you will easily exchange or return it with its original purchase price. If you purchased a product from the store and you wish to return it, then a cash register receipt works as a proof of purchase if you order online, the order confirmation email or shipment confirmation email will be your proof of purchase. On most of the cases, Tractor supply will refund you the original product amount with the same way you purchased it so you can guarantee that you will return the product you're dissatisfied with and will get your full amount refunded and you can check their refund policy on their website.

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Tractor Supply Company Coupons, Promo Codes & Deals

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How to Use Tractor Supply Coupon Codes?

We all want to take care of our animals or farms and at the same time save as much as we can, if you have a tractor supply coupon code or promo code and you don't know how to use it on the website then you should check these steps that will guide you through the process to saving a lot of money.

Before making any purchase make sure that you have read the terms of use of the coupon code in order to save money while purchasing as they may change from a coupon code to another.

First, go to Tractor supply's website and chose the desired product you wish to purchase, you will find the option to choose the desired quantity and the delivery options as well, after choosing, click on the " Add to cart" button.

Second, after choosing the desired product and clicking on the "add to cart" button you will be automatically transferred to a page in order to confirm your order.

Third, after confirming your order and choosing whether you want it to be delivered to the store or to your home or farm, you will find at the left of the page the total amount that you pay and find "offer Code" written on the right and below it an empty tab so you can add your promo code or coupon code you got.

Enter the promo code or the coupon code you got and then click on "apply" in order to apply the discount on the total amount you have and enjoy saving money while purchasing from Tractor supply.

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How to Save from Tractor Supply?

As Tractor supply's main goal is customer satisfaction they always provide promotion and coupon codes in order for you to have the explicit experience of buying from them and always enjoying a discount on your order, Tractor supply's coupon codes and promo codes are valid on both online and in-store purchases. Some coupon codes are for specified dates only so you need to check the dates while purchasing from Tractor supply and some apply only online and some online and in Tractor supply's store. You should always check the rems of use for every coupon in order to make the most out of it and also as the terms of use or the date may vary and they limit one person per coupon code 

In order to save the most while purchasing from Tractor supply you should always check their website as they do offer a lot of discounts, whether on specific type of products, after a specific purchasing amount or even discounts on their shipping fee.

Tractor Supply Review

As tractor supply is one of the leading stores when it comes to farm supplies, clothing, equine and pets supplies, tractor/trailer parts and accessories, lawn and garden supplies, sprinkler/irrigation parts, power tools, fencing, welding and pump supplies, riding mowers, Tractor supply main mission is to provide an explicit experience to their customer, therefore, they always provide the best quality equipment and provide discounts on their products all the time in order to make their customer satisfied, and not only that but also Tractor supply focuses on the Return process for their customer. If you had an issue with one of their product you can easily go to the store and return it or they will return it for and guarantee that it will be returned and you will be refunded or got the exchange as soon as possible.

It's always a great experience when purchasing from Tractor supply, they do have the best quality and reasonable prices in the market.

Tractor supply still doesn't ship outside America however they provide shipping all over the United States except for Alaska and Hawaii. 

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