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About Apple

Apple is the largest information technology company and is listed the third world largest manufacturer of mobile phones after Samsung and Huawei. It was founded in the year 1977 by three people namely Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne with its headquarters in Cupertino, California in the United States. It is known for its world class brands including iPod, iPhone, iPad tablet, The Mac computer, Apple watch, Apple digital TV, iTunes media player, Home pod smart speaker, and Safari browser. It also provides online services such as Apple music, iCloud, iTunes Store, and the iOS App Store. By 2012 Apple had been valued at worth of $1 trillion. It has over 123,000 employees across its 504 Stores in 24 countries. In 2018 iTunes music was ranked the world's largest music Store.

Most of Apple clients are very loyal to the company brand and the company is devoted to satisfying them by offering them quality products and brands. This company serves a variety of consumers with a variety of products including computer hardware and software, digital distribution, and consumer electronics among others.

Although most people think that Apple has maintained high prices for its brands, Apple has a different view because it offers a great deal to its clients including discounted prices, promo codes, and coupons. Every time you visit the website there are always items which are on offer and some of them attract free shipping fee to your location, they have reward programs which are aimed at saving your money as much as possible. The company does not take advantage of its clients by exploiting them with high prices but guarantees great services and operations of its products.

Apple Free Shipping Policy

This giant company is aiming at giving back to its clients by offering Apple Store free 2-day shipping on its items. Some of the item with free shipping fee include Apple watch Series4 - Apple, Apple watch series4 bands, Certified refurbished Apple of over $99, Refurbished iPod of over $209, refurbished iPad of above $339, Refurbished iPhone of over $479, Refurbished Mac Apple. Get also a free delivery on small and medium-sized Business solutions.

Apple Return Policy

Apple understands that perfection cannot always be attained in the technology industry; that's why it has given room to return in case it is defective or malfunctions but the following guidelines must be followed: • Return the item within 14 days from the day you received the package • Only items purchased from Apple whether Instore or online can be returned to Apple; items purchased from retails are returned to those retails • Ensure you return it in its original package with all the cords, documentation, and adapters • Some items are not eligible for return such as opened software, Apple print products, Apple Store Gift cards, and electronic software downloads • The software can be returned as long as it has not been installed on your computer

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How to Use Apple Coupon Codes?

Apple offers promo codes that you are supposed to use when purchasing their products:

  • Click on the item that you want to purchase and put it in your bag

  • Click select-it will take you to your bag and show you the offer that you have been accorded, if you have a promo code, you can enter it in the box

  • Then click the icon of review your bag

  • This page has the price for the item and special offer amount  after you have entered the promo code

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How to save from Apple?

If you are a lover of trendy technological brands, Apple has everything that you need in your home or business; a new technology that will change your life completely. The Company has put in place strategies not to take advantage of you, but for you to take advantage of them and save as much as possible. Get $5 Cashback on $5 refurbished Apple, you will also earn up to $300-off discount on Mac and $20-off on iPad pro, up to $250-off when you purchase a new Apple watch, save up to $400-off on iMac Pro, up to 9%-off for Apple-certified refurbished iPhone 7, join iPhone upgrade program and save $34 per month.  

There is also free shipping for most of the purchases you make like Apple watch over $329, Free 2-day shipping on all in-stock products, Free shipping for iPad mini 4 of over $379, and Mac mini of over $499. Also, earn yourself iTunes gift cards from $25. Don't miss also on seasonal savings for iPhone & from $22.87 per month. You will also enjoy 3 months free trial of Apple music, Apple has given lots of offers to its clients available on both online or instore.  All this and many other discounts, promo codes, and coupons are aimed to save the client more money.

Apple Review

Apple is a company that believes in inclusivity and diversity, accessibility and supplier responsibility. It is committed to ensuring that all their clients are satisfied with its products and that they get new and trendy products. It is a company that has a global perspective and has over 500 Stores across the globe. Apple is also best known for its services which include and not limited to Apple pay, Apple Store, iTunes Store, App Store, Mac App Store, iBook Store, iCloud, and Apple music. Regardless of the stiff competition from other companies like Microsoft operating systems, Apple has been able to maintain a lead in the market because of its strong security features.

Hackers have tried to hack Apple app accounts without any breakthrough. This has been achieved by account features such as Apple ID and iCloud security features. To ensure there is a maximum protection of your data and applications, Apple does not allow installation of apps from other manufacturers rather than the ones from app Store or are authorized by Apple. It has been at the lead in the market having revenue of $229.234 billion and the operating income of $61.334 billion. The subsidiary companies of Apple include File maker Inc., Anobit, BEDDIT, SHAZAM and Beats electronics.

Apple is best known for its world-class brands. When you visit its website http://Apple.com/  you can search the item you need using this brands like Mac brand which has various products such as MacBook, Mac Mini, iMac, Mac accessories, Mac Pro, applications like iWork, iMovie, iBook author among others. IPad brand includes iPad Pro, iPad mini, iPad accessories, and photos among others. Apple is not Apple without mentioning the famous iPhone brands which include iPhone Xs, iPhone X, iPhone 7, iPhone 8, and iPhone accessories. There is also Apple watch brands such as Apple watch series 4, Apple Watch Nike+, Apple watch Hermes and Apple watch accessories. There are also creativity software programs including Final Cut Pro and Logic studio

Apple products are not as expensive as people think. There are many ways that you can save using Apple products. When you visit the website or the Stores you will realize there many offers and discounts tailored for you. In case you need an iPhone, iPod, iPad or a Mac use the following promotions to save money:

  • The Gift Card program gives you access to Apple music where you can enjoy over 50 million songs, millions of apps from  App Store and books from Apple books all in one card

  • Free 2-day shipping for in-stock items

  • $5 cash back for Apple care and refurbished

  • Up to $250 for new iPad pro

  • Free shipping for Apple Store credit of over $1,000 and MacBook Pro among many others

  • When you buy a Mac or IPad pro you get a free pair of beats

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