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About Carl's Jr.

Carl's Jr. restaurants is an all-American fast-food chain in the United States operated by CKE Restaurant who also the parent company of Hardees and Green Burrito. Carl Karcher and Margaret. There is an interesting story on how the name Carl's Jr. came to be. In the 1940s, then founder Carl Karcher opened his first restaurant which was in a BBQ themed food, was so popular he wanted to open a smaller version of fast food restaurant which will indicate his name but also wanted to show that it is a mini version of his original restaurant. So, he named his restaurant Carl's Jr.

Contrary to many believe even though Both Hardees and Carl's Jr operated by the same parent company as per them Carl's Jr is more about providing healthy food items to their loyal customer base. Even at their web page, they are very much concerned about providing details about the ingredients they use and the amount of calorie for each item which can help the customer to make a healthier choice when choosing their meal.  In the year 2016, Carl's Jr. was listed in the top 500 franchise list of Entrepreneur magazine for the healthy growth rate, financial strength, and stability. Which is another testimony to the brand's success. Currently based in Franklin, Tennessee, Carl's Jr. now operates in more than 1400 all over the United States and they have extended their operations into Canada, Mexico and India as well.

With having a huge consumer base and to attract new customers daily to its chain, Carl's Jr. releases many exciting and great deals every month to its customers. Many printable coupons are available on many web pages on the internet and this can be used to save and have great and nutritious meals from Carl's Jr. at an affordable price.

Carl's Jr. Free Shipping Policy

To meet and exceed the customer expectations and to deliver the food at Carl's Jr as fresh as possible, they are committed to providing you high standards when delivering the products right at your doorstep. Carl's Jr. does not offer free delivery; however, the delivery is available across all of Carl's Jr. location in the United States. A standard delivery fee may apply.

Carl's Jr. Return Policy.

Guaranteeing the best and the highest quality meals, Carl's Jr. is not offering any free returns or exchanges. However, they will guarantee to provide the best and the most nutritious food for their local customer base.

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How to use Carl's Jr. Coupon Codes?

Carl's Jr. only offers printable coupons. To enjoy great deals all you need to do is simply follow the below steps and have your favorite meal right at your doorstep.

Once you have visited the Carl's Jr. web page, simply click on "sign up for exclusive offers and email, and once you are in that page you need to fill first name, last name, e-mail address, confirm e-mail address, date of birth, sex, ZIP code, phone number and you can select to receive mobile offers and you can select the option to receive information on alternative menu options such as low carb and low-calorie options. Then click next and you can select the closest Carl's Jr outlet to your location. They proceed to the final page by clicking next. Once you have successfully signed up for the e-mail alerts you will receive amazing deals and coupons on Carl's Jr. products. And you can use the printable coupons to redeem your offer.

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How to save from Carl's Jr.?

 One of the best and the easiest ways to save money from Carl's Jr is to sign up from their web page. They will continuously provide you with the best and amazing deals each month, so you can get free food as well as the discounts. And in many third-party web pages, you can find attractive deals and coupons which can help to save a ton of money to have great nutritious food. Carl's Jr. offers great deals during all major holidays so your whole family can enjoy the great food. Especially for Thanksgiving and during the Christmas as well as the 04th of July you can expect unbelievable deals and offers from Carl's Jr. 

Carl's Jr. Review.

When it comes to providing excellent and nutritious food for the best price available, without any doubt Carl's Jr. is above its competition. When reviewing about Carl's Jr. it is all about the promise of big juicy American taste. Or you can simply consider it as the great American Burger. They are all about giving a down to earth service to its customers even though they own the latest technology. The best example being, till to date they only serve hand-scooped ice cream. 

Carl's Jr. is always committed to providing the best food at a remarkable rate promising a healthier option to its customers. At their restaurants, they will never let their customers wait for long time to receive the food. And they will always provide a portion that will be more than what the customers have bargained for and will surely have a full tummy once they have finished all their meals. 

Being a frontrunner in the fast-food chain in the United States, Carl's Jr expanded into several countries because of their triumphant effort. In 2015 They opened their 200th restaurant in Mexico. And in a remarkable achievement, in 2016 Carl's Jr. possible entered into the largest market they can find in the world and that is India. With the success of Carl's Jr, the parent company CKE was expanding their reach over the fast food industry in the world by stamping their name across 3500 franchised restaurants in 44 states out of 50 and 39foreign countries as well as the US territories. This provides a testimony for their better service and customers welcoming the well-known brand with open hands. 

To get the most out of this amazing fast food chain and o receive great deals here are some money saving tips for you and for your family. 

•                    You can download the Carl's Jr. mobile app and enjoy amazing deals with their reward program. And with their aggressive approach to promoting the mobile app, Carl's Jr. continuously rolls out brand new and exciting deals and free food if you order via the mobile app. 

•                    Be sure to sign up on their web page to receive deals and offers so you will be the first to know and never miss an opportunity to pounce on a deal that will fill your whole family with happiness.

•                    Keep a special eye during all public holidays. Especially on Christmas, 04th of July, Ramazan, and Easter, where they will introduce large-scale deals so your whole family can have blast during the holidays.

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