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How to Use Donatos Pizza Coupon Codes?

If you already own a coupon code for Donatos pizza and you're wondering how to use it, here are some steps that will guide you through the website in order to add your coupon code to enjoy your meal while saving money.

All you need to do is:

●       Go to the Donatos pizza website, Click on 'Order Now'that you will find in the middle of the home page.

●       Then, choose your favorite toppings and click on'Order Now', you will automatically be asked to choose exactly the type of pizza you prefer along with the size you want and a place to leave your notes if there are any special instructions you want to add.

●       After choosing your favorite type of pizza and you're ready to order, click on'Add to Cart'at the bottom of the page.

●       The 'Add to Cart'button will automatically take you to a page in order to confirm your order, and you will be able to find at the right side of the page the 'Checkout' button and below that button, you will see a small window to add your coupon code.

●       After adding the coupon code you will need to click on the 'Apply" button in order to proceed with your order and apply the coupon code you added to the order.

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How to Save from Donatos pizza?

You will definitely enjoy your food more if you got it with a discount as nothing feels better than enjoying your meal and at the same time-saving money, so here are some simple ways that will certainly save you money while ordering.

Donatos pizza offers three perfect and simple ways in order to save money while ordering your favorite food through their website.

●       The first option is by their special offers button that you will find at the top of the page once you open the Donatos pizza website that button will grants you the contingency of ordering either for you or your friends and family with a very special rate.

●       The second option is by the rewards scheme on the website. This scheme allows you to acquire points each and every time you order a pizza as well as referring your friends and family, this scheme grants you 300 points once any of your referred friends orders a pizza. Following the same scheme you receive $5 once you reach 750 points, not only that but Donatos pizza will get you a free pizza on your birthday.

●       Third but not least, you will certainly be able to save the most by using coupon codes to get the best discount while ordering. Either Donatos pizza will be sending you coupon codes or you can search for coupons on websites like or

Donatos Pizza Review

Donatos - since its start in 1963 – has been largely known to be the Midwesterners favorite pizza.

Donatos pizza has taken the personal approach in dealing with its customers. As a family, they added a personal touch to every piece of pizza they made throughout their journey.

Going to their best products, they have managed to get higher than normal reviews for almost all their products. However, there time-saving some specialties.

Donatos pizza is known to be one of the best pizza delivery store. They serve multiple types of pizza that fits all tastes, they grew famous for their fabulous thin crust pizza, but also their diners could include the vegan multi-grain crust; So regardless of what's your favorite type of pizza, you will absolutely find it there. And you can also enjoy their magnificent gluten-free donuts.

Donatos pizza also has The second some popularity for the soft drink fountain they have, as it lets you taste the flavor of your beverage along with lemon, vanilla, strawberry or cherry. And also serves wine and beer which has totally penetrated their market.

To finish up, Donates pizza has left you a golden chance for getting all these benefits and save money along which is the friends' referral program and the special offers they make. As it gives you reward points that you could redeem for any of their products once your recruited friend or place an order. Their friends' referral program is the best as it grants you a lot of points once they've made their order and by your friends can refer their friends and get the same discount as you did so you can all enjoy your favorite pizza and at the same time save money.

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About Donatos Pizza

Donatos Pizza is named after the Donatos family, it started back in Columbus, Ohio in 1963 and ended up having 150 other locations in nine other states. Donatos pizza is well known for its famous thin crust pizza especially the large pepperoni pizza that has over 100 pieces of pepperoni they also have a variety of oven-baked subs, fresh salads, chicken wings, shareable sides, and desserts.

As the Donatos Family loved to personalize their industry they have made several deals and offers for their customers. One of the most spectacular rewards that the Donatos family provide is the 12'' pizza for your birthday, not only that, but also, with every order you make you receive points, the more points you own, the bigger the discount you receive.

Donatos pizza Free Shipping Policy

Donatos pizza doesn't offer free shipping to other states or countries however it's known as a pizza delivery store. Therefore, you can easily make your order by simply ordering from their website choosing your favorite type of pizza along with your favorite toppings or you can check the nearest Donatos pizza store next to you and grab your pizza through their drive-through.

Donatos pizza Return Policy

There is no return policy for the Donatos pizza as you can't return a pizza unless it's not what you ordered or there's something wrong with your order, so if you have any complaint regarding your order you can always contact them through their website and they will definitely sort it out for you a - by reviews - customer satisfaction is their priority number one.

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