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About Fuddruckers

Fuddruckers is an American food chain that specializes in serving the best burgers all over the country and beyond. Established in 1979 by Philip J Romano, the company now has about 200 stores (including franchises) scattered around America and in other continents.

The company's brand hinges on the fact that its burgers are made in-store while the customer is waiting. This process includes the grinding of the meat and baking the buns for the burger.  The company has it corporate headquarters in Houston, Texas where it originally started its business. 

Fuddruckers Free Shipping Policy

Due to the nature of the business, the company does not offer free shipping to its customers. However, some of the franchise stores might offer free delivery as part of their designated deals. Be sure to ask the next time you walk in to order your favorite burger.

Fuddruckers Return Policy

There is no return policy at Fuddruckers since the company does not have a delivery service. However third party delivery services like postmates might offer you free delivery service when you order from Fuddruckers.

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How to Use Fuddruckers Coupon Codes?

The restaurant chain offers lots of money saving coupon codes to its loyal customers. These codes provide benefits such as ordering specials at a reduced price or saving up to 40% on each order. These codes can be found on the company's website when you register on the platform. It could also be found on some coupon website or when you visit any of the company's restaurants.

To use Fuddruckers coupon codes follow the procedure below:

1. Log into the Fuddruckers website to find the perfect burger for your taste buds.

2. Choose your favorite burger and the required extras.

3. Choose a store within your vicinity for pickup orders.

4. You might have to register at this stage or complete the transaction as a guest to proceed to the payment page.

5. On the payment page click on add promotional code and enter the code details.

6. Click on apply to reveal the reduced rate.

Finally, enter your credit or debit card details to complete the transaction

Fuddruckers Coupons

How to Save From Fuddruckers?

The restaurant and its various franchises offer a lot of money saving benefits to its loyal customers. Some of those benefits are explored below.

Sign up on the website

Signing up on the website as a customer offers a lot of monetary benefits.  First, it makes your subsequent purchase stress free as you would breeze through the payment page without stress.

Second and more importantly, when you have accumulated purchases on your account, you would get a future discount on purchases as a member. This discount could be in the form of coupon codes or 2 for the price of 1 deal.

Join the mailing list

The Fuddruckers mailing list would definitely guarantee a lot of money saving benefits for the loyal customer. These benefits include prompt notification on new promo codes and coupon codes.  You'll also get news on new items served at each restaurant.

Additionally, the restaurant would give u a free burger on your birthday. The coupon code for this burger would be sent to your email after registration. However, this offer is a limited time offer so check the online platform to see if it's still available.

Finally, your kid would be given a free meal on his/her birthday if you are registered on the Fuddruckers email club. You would get a coupon code to enjoy this benefit as soon as you register. This is also limited to participating restaurants alone.

Follow them on social media

Just like signing up for the mailing list, following Fuddruckers on Facebook keeps you informed on the latest deals on Fuddruckers. You'll be the first to know about everything exciting happening at the restaurant. They also sometimes run promotions for their social media members alone.  

A complete meal for only $6

This is another limited offer and it is only offered by some of its franchise stores. For the affordable price of $6, you would be served a burger, fries and a drink to go with it. The deal would save you at least 50% on your order.

Simply ask at your local Fuddruckers restaurant to see if they offer this bargain.

Feed your kid for less

The kids are not left out of the price slashing deals at Fuddruckers. Your kid only needs to spend $0.99 to buy a meal during Halloween.  Also, when an adult has already made a purchase, you can get a full meal for a kid for only $1.99on every other day.

If the above offer is no longer available in your local restaurant be sure to ask for free meals for your kids on Tuesdays. This service, like most of the benefits of Fuddruckers, is available only in limited Fuddruckers stores.

Check the website for restaurant closest to you

All Fuddruckers locations where in-house or franchisee offer the same experience to its customers. So you would enjoy the same benefit no matter where you feed. For convenience and to avoid extra cost in transport, look through to the website for the closest restaurant to you.

Free meal for veterans

As part of its humanitarian effort, Fuddruckers offers free meals for war veterans for a restricted period of time each day. This benefit is available at all the company-owned outlets and by participating franchise stores. Ask for this service at your local store to save a few bucks if are a veteran.

There would also be similar deals for certain classed of people including teachers and student. Ask your waiter at the restaurant about these deals.

Great deals on early weekdays

From Monday to Wednesday, a lot of restaurants are willing to offer customers price slashing deals because these days are considered slow dining days. So if you walk into any of the Fuddruckers restaurants on any of those days you can be sure to walk into a bargain that would have you spending less on more food.

Watch out for happy hour

This means you'll be getting a free add-on for your meals. This is usually in the form of free drinks or free dessert. However, some Fuddruckers restaurants might offer delicacies at a reduced price during this hour.

Stay away during vacation periods

When there are a lot of visitors in town, must Fuddruckers or any restaurant for that matter is more likely to increase the price of each meal due to the increase in demand. So you want to buy less during this period.

Stay with the main course

There is always the temptation to have an extra chocolate ice-cream or spend money on your favorite cocktail drink. But when you dine at Fuddruckers, you might want to stay away from appetizers or dessert as they can cost a lot.

You can, however, indulge in this extra if the restaurant is offering at a reduced price or part of the complete deal for a full meal.

Use the condiment bar for your extras

You do not need to pay for that plate for salad or that extra cheese on your burger. You can get all these for free at the condiment bars of Fuddruckers restaurants. These would save you up to 30% in money you would have spent elsewhere.

Never pay for a soda

Most Fuddruckers have a free soda policy. You can take as much as you can consume in soda at the restaurant which means you don't have to pay an extra cent to purchase your soda.

Build your burger for less

Aside from the satisfaction that comes with making your burger yourself, this bonus helps you do so for less than $6. You can choose your condiments, burger size, cheese and vegetable for a fraction of the regular price. This benefit can be enjoyed when using the web platform or at any of the restaurant's location.

Buy Fuddruckers gift cards

These gift cards help you make a purchase of at least a 35% discount. The cards can be purchased on the website or on various gift cards websites.  What's more, you can get these gift cards for as low as 10$.

Save money on big treats

You can get the double deluxe special for less than$12 when you purchase on the website. Aside from the obviously large size of this burger, you also get free toppings to match at a discount. You can share this burger with a friend and still feel like you have eaten a giant burger.

Check website

Free discount codes are usually posted on the website constantly. These deals include promo codes, free meals, two for 1 deal and so much more. So keep the website your favorite to get immediate notification of new money-saving deals.

Always go for combos

While you have the benefit of choice when you chose your meal combinations yourself, you'll definitely save a lot more when you buy multiple items in combined deals. These deals would save you at least 20% in money you would earn in ordering separately.    

Thus, ask your local Fuddruckers restaurant for their combo deals as these deals can vary from one location to another.

Check the newspaper for coupon codes

Fuddruckers like every other chain of restaurant offer post coupon codes on local newspapers. Check your local listings for these codes.

Fuddruckers Review

Fuddruckers Coupons 02

Thinking about burgers that are specifically made for you, in your presence, by your direction then Fuddruckers would definitely be the place for you. Romano started this brand because he felt the world needed a better burger and the restaurant embodies that in every way possible.

The company has a flourishing franchise model with over 100 of its store owned by business owners out of the United States. Over 30 of these stores are located outside the shores of America. No matter who operates its stores or where they are open, the company strives to give its customers the best burger experience they can find.

To improve its brand awareness, the company made the world greatest burger in 2006. Weighing a staggering $29, the giant burger cost $250 dollars to produce. Aside from this, the company has in recent times introduced a new burger treat for its customer.  Some of them were instant successes while others didn't go well with critics.

The company originally served only hamburgers in various sizes but its menu has grown to include chicken, fish, and other exotic burgers. These burgers are not made until you place your order because only you know your specific burger specification. All the above is done without drilling a big hole in your pocket.

The burger experience at Fuddruckers starts from the moment when you place your order. The burger isn't grilled until you order for it. Once you do, the grilling process begins and it is specifically tailored to suit your taste buds.

Next, your buns are chosen from a set of freshly backed pack baked in the restaurant every day. Then, you get to choose your toppings yourself from the various options offered at the restaurant.

Finally, while you might be served with frozen beef at other burger joints, Fuddruckers burgers are all American beef grounded right in the restaurant. The beef also contains no fillers or other additives.       

For its international and national customers, the store offers a Fuddruckers credit card service. This service is backed by the standard chartered bank to offer its customers flexibility in purchases at Fuddruckers.

This credit card offers you a 10 percent discount on each purchase at Fuddruckers. There are 3 major restrictions to your use of this card namely:

1. You cannot use the discount service in conjunction with any other discount service offered by Fuddruckers.

2. You can only use the card for eating at the restaurant and not when you want to take food away

3. You cannot use the service in conjunction with other promotional service offered by the store.

You should, however, pay your bills on time to avoid paying a lot of money in interest.  

Finally, as described above, there are a lot of benefits attached to joining the Fuddruckers Eclub. To join the club simply visit the Fuddruckers website, fill in the form and wait for a notification in your email address. 

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