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About Long John Silver's

Long John Silver's was formerly known as Long John Silver's Seafood Shoppe is a food restaurant in America. Long John Silver's is a fast-food restaurant which specializes in the seafood category. The name of the restaurant is inspired by a novel named Treasure Island in which the pirate Long John Silver was the main character. Long John Silver's was formerly a division of the famous Yum! Brands, Inc. and now has its own many franchises in the country. At this time the 80% of the restaurant is owned by different franchises which are operating in different parts. Long John Silver's was founded back in 1969. The headquarters of the Long John Silver's is in Louisville, Kentucky, United States. Long John Silver's have more than 8,400 employees all over the world.

Long John Silver's have a very special coupon club for the members where they can get amazing discounts on seafood. Long John Silver's also provides a special fishbowl promotion where you can save a lot. Make sure that you are aware of all the offers and use them while dining at the Long John Silver's.

Long John Silver's Free Shipping Policy

Long John Silver's is offering food to the customer's in-store. You can order the delivery services as well but that will be charged as per the standard shipping rates in the country.

Long John Silver's Return Policy

Returns are not available at Long John Silver's for the customers however the management makes sure that each customer leaves the restaurant satisfied and happy. You may order a change in the food if it is not as per the request.

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How to Use Long John Silver's Coupon Codes?

There are many ways which can give you amazing discounts at Long John Silver's. You can use the coupon codes or become the members of the gift card and promotion offers of Long John Silver's. The coupons of Long John Silver's are to be used at the front desk of the restaurant. You can print these coupons online and then use them at the time of the checkout. 

How to Save from Long John Silver's?

Eating from Long John Silver's without using the discounted offers is not recommended. You must use the promotional offers and coupon codes at the time of checkout and save some money.

Some of the prominent promotional offers of Long John Silver's are mentioned below. Follow them and get discount at Long John Silver's.

  • You can easily download the coupons from the website of Long John Silver's and use them.

  • They have a special offer named as LJS Fish Bowl Registration, this gives you an amazing discount on eating fish at Long John Silver's. Besides this, they also provide you with all the latest offers and deals of the restaurant right in your inbox.

  •  Coupon club is also introduced by Long John Silver's where you can sign up and receive coupons right in your email.

  • Long John Silver's also gives free gift cards to the customers which can be used at the time of checkout at the front desk of the restaurant.

  • You can get $5 off on the 8 pc Family meal in store.

  • You can also get limited time $5 Reel Deal Box at Long John Silver's.

Long John Silver's Coupons

Long John Silver's Review

Long John Silver's Coupons 02

Long John Silver's has a long history of serving people with the best food in the country. They opened the first restaurant in 1969 in Kentucky and then never looked back. Today they have many locations in America. The first restaurant of Long John Silver's was opened at the place of a seafood restaurant named as Cape Codder. The original building was again redesigned and made the Long John Silver's restaurant. The look of the restaurant was totally changed and they added different types of seats as well in it to make it look more beautiful. The complete infrastructure of the restaurant was given another shape and made it look very promising to the customers. Almost all the interior features of the old restaurants were eliminated by Long John Silver's. Yum! Brands acquired this chain of Long John Silver's in 2002 but then in 2011 Yum! Brands announced a buyer for Long John Silver's. There were more concerned about the poor sales of Long John Silver's. Yum! Brands announced in 2011 that it is giving away Long John Silver's to LJS Partners LLC which consists of different private investors and franchises. James O'Really was appointed as the CEO of Long John Silver's in 2015; he also served at KFC which is another holding of Yum! Brands. He insisted the franchise to hold all of its stores and focused on the marketing strategies and looked for the future expansion of Long John Silver's.

It is never easy to run the largest seafood chain in the country, the head is heavy for sure and customer satisfaction is the target of Long John Silver's. The chain does experience some problems in the recent years but it is trying their best to overcome them as soon as possible. They were acquired by Yum Brands but when they saw that it was unable to get the recommend sales, it sold it back to the group of investors which also includes the owner of Long John Silver's. There are many administration issues as well which needs an immediate fix by the authorities. The restaurant needed a very fresh look and besides needs a very new administration as well. They not only changed the look of the restaurant but also gave it new staff and leadership expecting to regain their sales in the country. The most important problem they are facing is in the name of the staff and the technology. People often experience problems in the food processing machines which mean the customers' needs to wait for hours and even after a long wait the food is not up to the mark. How could a faulty machine produce the right food? The second problem is with their staff which needs comprehensive training about how to deal with the customer. There are many complaints regarding the staff of Long John Silver's. They are poorly handling the customers which make people feel awkward and they prefer not to visit them again. A person who often visits them thinks it needs more than uniforms to change things in the restaurant. They need to train their staff and the most important is keeping the right machines for the food processor to ensure fast delivery and the right taste to the customers. These are the things which need an immediate fix for the further expansion and prosperity of the Long John Silver's which came as an alternative to the regular food and gave the tasty seafood to the customers on the non-coastal areas as well. Many people still visit them for a better outcome because seafood lovers in America are more than anything.

Long John Silver's is a combination of the best seafood with amazing coupon codes and promo codes as well which help customers get the best out of the deals. They are known in the country for the variety of menu they offer to the customers. The menu of Long John Silver's is unique long and healthy at the same time. They offer almost all the types of fish at their place. Besides seafood, you can also enjoy non-sea items as well on the Long John Silver's restaurants. They also have some chicken recipes. The inspiration of the Long John Silver's came to Jim Patterson while he was on his vacations to coastal areas. At one place he was served English fish dish with some chips but it was cooked amazingly. Being a business he got the idea to replicate this thing and thought of a seafood restaurant and named it Long John Silver's. He took the idea to all parts of the country and wanted everyone to enjoy the seafood. The chain he started making a name in the world with the passage of time. He even sold the restaurant once to Yum Brands but then re-acquired it. The same taste which he experiences at the coastal restaurant is now given to the people in more than 1000 franchises countrywide.

Many types of meals are given to the customers at Long John Silver's. This includes special menus for the children's, family and even bigger families. The best thing about Long John Silver's is that all the deals are having a reasonable price and you can easily enjoy them. Their commitment to affordability also gave them a unique name in the world of seafood. Let me inform you that they witness a hike in their sales during the Easter that too up to 75%. They are not only earning profit from Long John Silver's but also giving back in the form of many charity programs. It has a partnership with Children's Miracle Network Hospitals which runs more than 170 hospitals under its name. Long John Silver's helped in raising millions of funds for the treatment of kids facing life-threatening diseases. They are also providing critical medical equipment's to the hospitals wherever needed.

You don't need to spend much at the stores of Long John Silver's because their coupon codes and promotional offers can help you enjoy the best Alaska Pollock, Shrimp and other seafood which everyone else loves. All you need is to get in touch with their publications and newsletters and have some information about the promotional offers of the Long John Silver's. Make sure you also sign up for the newsletter which is also named as fish club of the restaurant to get the best and the latest deals and offers right in your inbox.

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