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About Menards

Currently regarded as one of the leading hardware and DIY chains in the Midwest, Menards started as a pole-barn building service in 1950. Menards boasts 250 stores today and features everything ranging from kitchen sinks to plumbing and heating supplies, accessories and cabinet. Besides, Menards also provides outdoor gear for campers and hunters and seasonal décor items.

And if you thought those are enough then you are wrong because Menards also offers construction materials such as paints, concrete blocks, pipes, laps, and rollers. Interestingly, Menards will give you a storage solution if the provision of the materials is insufficient. It's true to say that Menards is a unique store compared to many sites. This is so because Menards has certain features that make it just such an outstanding store. And most importantly, all the features are meant to help you save some money by ensuring you spend your money appropriately.

For instance, Menards features an official app which comes with a calculator. The calculator plays a key role in enabling you to estimate the total cost of your project based on the available materials. Besides, Menards also has a feature known as Order Tracker that keeps track of your orders until the packages reach your address.

Menards' Free Shipping Policy

Selected items can be shipped to Menards store for free. It is worth noting that this shipping service is not available for all products and does not include delivery to your home from the Menards store. Menards provides selectable shipping methods depending on your item and all the available options are presented at the checkout. Your order will be shipped as quickly as possible if you place it with overnight shipping. Orders placed late in the night, on the other hand, may be delayed and wait for shipping the following day. What happens if you have a large packing order? Well, in such a case, your order will be delivered via LTZ shipping. Menards values your package and will call to tell you the approximated arrival time of your packages. However, you should note that Menards does not provide room placement, package removal, and assembly services.

Menard's Return Policy

What happens if you are not contented with your purchase? Well, Menards gives you 90 days of making a decision on the suitability of your purchased item. You can take them back for exchange or refund within the stipulated timeline if you have the receipt. In addition to having the receipt, some conditions also apply regarding Menards' items return. For instance, you will get your refund from Menards based on the original payment method. Besides, checks are refunded as store credit if the purchase occurred less than six days prior or cash after the six-day period. Will your item be accepted back if it is altered, soiled or damaged? The answer is yes but you will have to part with a 25% restocking fee. Returns without a receipt are possible as long as you present your government-issued photo ID. Menards lets you make purchases on discounts. Now with returns, you should expect to receive your refund at the lowest price offered including discount and rebates. It is worthwhile to note that holiday and summer seasonal items are unreturnable if you don't have a receipt. Gas powered items, on the other hand, can be returned within 30 days if you have the receipt and the product is not used and no gas is inside the item.

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How to Use Menards Coupons?

Now if you thought saving is such a tall order when you have not considered Menards for your construction needs. Menards no only gives you helpful tips through email addresses in addition to discounts on specific items but you can also use its coupons for making your purchases and save some cash in the process.

Who doesn't embrace the saving habit? Absolutely none. That said, do you know how to redeem the Menards coupons when making purchases? If not, then here are the steps for applying Menards coupons when making purchases and saving even more cash in the process.

1. Choose your preferred item and add it to the cart. Each time you add an item to the cart, a pop-up appears that lets you go on shopping or proceed to checkout.

2. Click on the "checkout" button to view your cart and the total cost of your order.

3. Go to the right side your page and just below your item list, you will see a grey box with "Apply a Promotional Code" note. Click on it to bring up a new box as sown below.

4. Key in your code in the box and click the apply code link on the right. The site will update and display the new cost of your order.

5. Click "checkout."

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How to Save from Menards?

Now Menards not only gives you quality products but also ensures you save plenty of cash in the process. Menards lets you use coupons when making your purchases. When you consider Menards stores for your construction needs, be sure to be getting top-notch services while also saving extra dollars for other important projects. That said, what are some of the ways you can save from Menards? Well, here are some tips you can check out.

1. Take $50 off pipe

2. Save up to 1% off gift cards for in-store purchases

3. Sign up for Menards and save big. Receive exclusive offers plus helpful money-saving emails for simply signing up for Menards.

4. Get 10% off all houzer and kitchen

5. 10% off candidae dog food

6. Save 10% off select kitchen appliances

7. Get local utility rebates for select items

8. Save up to 60% off clearance and bargains items.

9. Design your door and ship it to your local Menards store for free

10. Get huge savings in the promotion sector

11. Get Menards gift cards from $10

12. Get 15% off all American custom lighting

13. 15% off Mastercraft door designer

14. 14% off all Fresca vanity ensembles

15. Get 15% off all special order prehung door.

16. Get up to 50% off Rays listing items

17. 15% off steam planet showers.

Menards' Review

Based in Wisconsin, Menards ranks among the top home improvement stores in the USA. The influx of its customers saw Menards build two distribution centers in Wisconsin not to mention its other distribution centers in Lowa and Ohio. Now through these centers, Menards is able to make its own products which it can sell for lesser amount compared to the brands in store.

The products available at Menards stores range from paints to windows and doors, electrical items and related products. Some of its stores have gone an extra mile to include groceries too. The interesting bit is that Menards helps you build your own home. Most of Menards stores feature workshops that you can attend during the weekends or weeknights. These sessions provide a variety of lessons including tips on how you can select the right plants for your garden, how to landscape your yard or laying down flooring in your home.

And did I mention the numerous useful videos available at Menards' YouTube channel? Well, one such video is Install Wall Tile-How To-Menards which provides you with vital information on how to install a new tile in your kitchen or bathroom. You can watch this video prior to the installation process or follow along with the video to be sure you follow the procedure correctly.

Menards.com, the official Menards website has a Services section, reserved for giving you more information about the Menards services available both online and in stores. Most of these stores rent trucks and other equipment for your project. How would you like the idea of renting a pick-up truck for a day to move or pick your supplies from Menards store at a very affordable price? The rebating cost is often cheaper than what you thought.

What's more, Menards has its own Rebate Center making the process of getting your rebate information just a click away. You simply key in all the rebate numbers on your tickets before clicking a button and you will get a PDF file with all the information at once. Besides, you can browse the site to find rebates for purchases made in the past. Menards takes a maximum of eight days or less to process all rebate forms and mail out checks.

Menards features another peculiar service in the name of Credit Center. The Credit Center gives information on the credit cards available to you. Menards offers BIG cards for its standard customers and a special card for contractors. Are gift enthusiasts left behind? The answer is no because Menards boasts the Gift Card Center, a feature that lets you view a variety of gift cards offered by Menards including those that have an image of a racecar on the front and some nice designs ideal for holiday or gifts. What happens when you don't find your preferred item in the store? Well, in such a case, you should consider shopping for the Menard site.

Just as important, use the category listings to load electrical supplies, home decorations, rugs, doors, and windows as well as groceries. Menards recognizes the fact that you may be working on a tight budget especially with the current economic hardships and that's why it lets you save through the following ways.

1. Save 10% off all kitchen and bar sinks

2. 10% off candidate dog food

3. 25% off al greeting cards

4. Get huge savings in the promotion sector

5. Save up to 60% off clearance and bargain items

6. 15% off all American custom lighting

7. Save big on home décor

8. 14% off all Fresca vanity ensembles

9. 15% off all special order prehung door

10. Get up to 50% off Ray's list items

11. Take $50 off the pipe

12. Save 10% off select kitchen appliances

13. Get up to 60% off clearance and bargain items

14. Get 15% off Mastercraft door designer

15. Design your door and ship it your local Menards store for free.

16. Get local utility rebates for select items

17. Receive exclusive offers and money saving tips with email sign up.

Menards Coupons 02

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