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Panda Express Coupons

Up to 40% OFF from Panda Express 12 Coupon Codes.

About Panda Express

Panda Express is a casual and fast restaurant chain in America which was founded back in October 1983. Panda Express was founded by Peggy Cherng and Andrew Cherng. Panda Express is serving American Chinese Cuisine to the customers for the last 34 years. Panda Express is the largest Asian restaurant in America with more than 2000 locations. Besides America, they are having locations in Guam, Mexico, UAE, El Salvador, Canada, and South Korea. Panda Express mostly operates in the food courts and other malls but they are now launching stand-alone restaurants as well as locations in airports, parks, casinos, and universities. Panda Express is known in the country for MSG-free food. In 2014, Panda Express had revenue of $2 billion.

Panda Express regularly offer coupons and promo codes for the customers which can be used for awesome discounts from them. You can also sign-up for the email service and social media pages to get discount and coupons details from Panda Express. 

Panda Express Free Shipping Policy

Panda Express gladly offers free shipping to all the customers for all of the orders which are placed on site. Some orders like swag shop orders have shipping charges and if you need express shipping then you need to pay the extra cost to Panda Express.

Panda Express Return Policy

Return is accepted at Panda Express but only for the defective merchandise. You need to contact the customer support within the 15 days of the order and it the return is approved you will get a new product.

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How to Use Panda Express Coupon Codes?

You must use the promo codes and all other offers of the Panda Express when placing an order with them. Panda Express provides coupons and promo codes to the customers which help them in getting amazing discounts from them. The best way to get the promo code is by filling in the survey form which is at the back of the bill from the restaurant. This survey will mostly give you a coupon for sure when submitted back to them. These promo codes can be used online while placing an order with them. The complete process of how to use these coupon codes of Panda Express is discussed in details below.

  •  Visit the website of the Panda Express.

  • Click on the red button of "Start My Order".

  • The screen will take you to search bar, add the Zip code of your city and state to locate the nearest store of Panda Express for delivery or pick-up.

  • After finding the store, fill initial details and again click on the red button of "Start My Order".

  • They will take you to the menu screen. Add all the items to your bag and then proceed to the checkout screen.

  • They will ask your name and email address, provide the complete details and the next screen will ask for the payment details.

  • Check the button of "Add a Promo Code" and insert the code and click on the red button of "Apply".

  • Now you can proceed to the checkout and get the product from them within the specified time. 

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How to Save from Panda Express?

You can save a lot while eating from the Panda Express or even while getting orders from them online. The best way to know of all the offers and promotions is to sign up for their email newsletter and like all of their social media pages. Some of the prominent and useful ways of saving from Panda Express are mentioned below.

  • The new members of Panda Express can get $5 off on their order of more than $10.

  • A special offer can also give you $3 off on the order of $5+ order.

  • Purchase a gift card of $25 and get a bag of free fortune cookies free from them.

  • You can also go for the deal of the day at Panda Express.

Panda Express Review

Panda Express Coupons 02

Panda Express is no doubt the fastest growing and the largest Chinese food chain in the United States. Some of its main competitors in the United States are Manchu Work and P.F. Chang's China Bistro. Panda Express outclass them because they are much fast and provide quick online service as well unlike others which prefer sit-down serving. Panda Express has some really quick service, which satisfies the customers and makes sure that they visit them again as well. Andrew Cherng who moved to America from China earned a graduate degree in Mathematics. He along with his father opened a restaurant in California named Panda Inn, later he and his wife opened a chain of the same restaurant in a mall which was named Panda Express. This was a great success for them and lead to other restaurants in different parts of the country. Panda Express believes in their workers and makes sure that they learn new things from the restaurant which can help them grow their career. They help them learn about management and business as well in the restaurant. Panda Express is also running a charitable organization which is named as Panda Cares which provides clothing and food to the needy. This organization also offers their services during disasters. Panda Express has the credit of introducing the Chinese food in the American people. They introduced their restaurant in America with a recipe named Orange Chicken. This is their most liked dish in the American audience. Panda Express also outclasses their competitors when it comes to the menu. They have a wide range of desserts, side dishes, entrees, and some appetizers. You can select one main dish and few side dishes as well with it. The carry out dishes are given to the customers with plastic or Styrofoam containers. The appetizers of the restaurant also have five options for you.

You can order food online and dine in as well. Make sure you fill in the survey given at the back of your bill. These surveys mostly give you coupons and gift cards which can be used later for a discount at Panda Express. In short, they are the first choice of the American people who are addicted to Chinese food and love fast deliveries as well.

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