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About White Castle

White Castle is a chain of American hamburger restaurants in the Midwestern and Mid-Atlantic regions of the United States of America (USA). The chain of White Castle restaurants was founded in 1921 but the beginnings of operation were as early as 1916.

Walter Anderson (1880-1963) was a food entrepreneur who ran several food stands in Wichita, Kansas in 1916. He decided to venture into a new concept and opened a diner from a converted street car. It was a profitable move so he opened two more locations in the area. While on his venture to open his fourth location, Walter Anderson met Billy Ingram (Edgar Waldo A. Ingram), an insurance man and realtor. They agreed to become business partners and together, they formally founded and introduced the White Castle hamburger restaurant chains on September 1921 at Wichita KS, USA. The highlight of the venture was introducing the brand White Castle, along with its distinctive product -- the square burger popularly known as the Sliders.

Their chains of the restaurant became a success. At the time of White Castle's founding, a public scare from the meat packing industry emerged as a result of a published novel's story of unsanitary practice in the meat industry. The founders were able to correct this public perception by making the White Castle chain of restaurants adduce ambiance of cleanliness -- steel interiors and spotless staff uniforms while serving the customers. Immediately, the region-wide success of White castle restaurant chains followed. The success of White Castle attracted a number of brand name imitators and offered business rivalry. However, despite the competition, not even one of White Castle competitors matched the restaurant's success.

White Castle introduced and pioneered the "take out" or ‘to go" meal" for customers who wanted to enjoy the food at the comfort of their homes and/or offices. Grocery products were also introduced so that customers or "cravers" as referred to by white Castle marketing can also enjoy the popular burgers in the absence of a White Castle rest in their area.

In 2012, White Castle introduced to the public the online ordering system. On January 12, 2018, White Castle partnered with Grubhub, a leading online and mobile food-ordering company in the US. Since then the public had more access to White Castle products. Wherever there is a Grubhub facility and White Castle restaurant in an area, there sure is White Castle delivery. Since the partnership, more customers now enjoy their favorite White Castle menu from the comfort of their location.

White Castle Free Shipping Policy

1. There is no ‘shipping' per se of any White Castle products, instead, there is delivery. 2. Prior to delivery of orders, the first attempt made by White Castle to bring their product to far-flung customers is by creating the grocery product version of the White Castle goodies so it can be delivered to groceries across the US. It is not the restaurant served version but close enough to satisfy the cravings of the brand's loyal fans. 3. Another way to enjoy White castle menu outside of their resto is the Crave Case Delivery via Crave Copters Drone. Crave Cases ordered online can now be delivered via drones. However, drone delivery is limited only to registered customers in the White Castle website. If you want to avail of this exclusive service, sign up for membership in the white Castle homepage. If you want to know about the event where White Castle got the idea of using a drone for their delivery, reference is at https://www.whitecastle.com/about/company/news/crave-case-drone 4. On January 2018, Grubhub served as the ‘in-house' delivery facility for White Castle. The delivery service is limited to the areas that have both company brands. As of this writing, online ordering and delivery are available from Grubhub at more than 75 White Castle locations, including New York City, Chicago, St. Louis, Indianapolis, and Detroit. This means that diners across the country can order White Castle favorites, like The Original Slider®, Chicken Rings or sharing a Crave Case® through Grubhub's online and mobile platforms. The White Castle breakfast menu, with the Breakfast Waffle Slider, is also available for delivery through GrubHub. 5. The Crave Mobile is another ‘delivery' innovation by White Castle to bring the brand's sumptuous menu to its nationwide fans. The Crave Mobile has been wildly popular among Cravers in areas without a White Castle restaurant. Through the White Castle Mobile Event Truck, Cravers can track where the Crave Mobile is by following White Castle on Twitter (@CraveMobile1 and @CraveMobile2). The Crave Mobile is available for private rentals and is ideal for corporate functions, weddings, birthday parties, or anywhere Cravers are looking to share their passion with family, friends, colleagues, and neighbors.

White Castle Return Policy

Food joints generally do not have a return policy. Returns of the perishable food item are not applicable because it is unsanitary to send back and forth, ready-to-eat/food items that have been opened from the original packaging. If the item delivered by White Castle is different from what the receipt indicates, the best thing to do is to immediately contact White Castle regarding the wrong delivery. White Castle will then rectify the error and may offer discount and freebies on the next order.

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How to Use White Castle Coupon Codes?

1. After clicking checkout, the order summary page is displayed. On the left side of the page, right under the pick-up date and time is the coupon code box. This is where coupon codes are typed in. After typing in the coupon code, click "apply."

2. Proceed to the payment of your order.

3. Coupon codes from newspapers and magazines may also be used to save on White Castle for in store order. Cut out the coupon and present them in the counter to avail of the discount.

4. Gift cards may also be used on both online and in-store purchase, for online orders, enters the gift card code the same way coupon codes were entered. For in-store purchase, present the gift card while ordering to avail of the savings.

Important reminder in using coupons:

1. Double check the coupon description for delivery eligibility. Only select coupons qualify for delivery.

2. Other coupons are redeemable only at certain locations. Check location eligibility.

3. Check coupon dates. Some coupons are good only for certain dates.

4. Some coupons may be eligible for dine-in.

White Castle Coupons

How to Save from White Castle?

1. Visit the White Castle homepage and order from there online. They have flash deals that can help save several dollars from your order.

2. Avail of online coupons from different coupon sites.

3. Cut out coupons printed on newspapers and magazines and coupon mags.

4. Purchase White Castle Gift Cards so friends and loved ones may enjoy savings too.

5. Subscribe to the White Castle mailing list to get recent deals, promos and discounts.

6. Sign up for White Castle website membership to enjoy exclusive deals, offers and perks.

White Castle Review

White Castle Coupons

The birth of White Castle leads to Walter Anderson's credits for inventing the hamburger bun and the kitchen assembly line. The restaurant enjoyed a longtime success and a great following from its customers. One of their chains even lasted for 52 years (Indianapolis White Castle number 3, 1927 to 1979) in operation.

The different states where White Castle markets are Chicago, Cincinnati, Columbus, Ohio, Dayton, Detroit, Indianapolis, Las Vegas, Louisville, Lexington, Minneapolis–St. Paul, Nashville, New York City/New Jersey/Pennsylvania and St. Louis. Louisville.

The first White Castle in the far western United States is at the Casino Royale Hotel & Casino on the Las Vegas Strip. The store opened on January 27, 2015. On their first business day, the demand for food was so great that the restaurant had to temporarily close for two hours to restock. A second White Castle location opened in Las Vegas on September 22, 2017, on Fremont Street.

In September 2015, White Castle began to offer veggie sliders with veganized buns making the sliders entirely vegan. In 2018, White Castle began offering meat-free Impossible Burgers designed to closely mimic the flavor and texture of beef burgers.

As early as in 1933, they periodically ran newspaper ads containing coupons such as buy 5 burgers for $0.10, take out only. Indeed a very innovative, pioneering and smart marketing strategy. Today, White castle maintains the coupon culture making use of current trend and technology to distribute these coupons. Deals and promos are found in the White Castle homepage whereas coupons are largely distributed by coupon site partners. They are still enjoyed and well-loved in all the regions they are serving and now even have a chain in Shanghai, China.

More and more fans are attracted by White Castle every day. By maintaining standards in food quality, food preparation, and processing, marketing approach and strategies, work ethics, in keeping abreast with technology and injecting innovations, the food brand has kept longtime fans and continue to win their loyalty, capturing followers from the newer generation. White Castle is not just a popular brand but more so, a very much loved household name that will surely stay for long.

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