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About Winn-Dixie

Winn-Dixie is a neighborhood grocery retailer operating mainly in the Southeastern areas of the United States. The restaurant has consistently been ranked as being among the 50 largest food retailers in North America.

In 1927, William Davis bought the Rockmoor Grocery in Miami and he renamed it Table Supply. This is how Winn-Dixie was founded. Mr. Davis bought the store for ten thousand dollars. Although he had not enjoyed much success in his previous business ventures, Davis' new store was much better. He was able to scale it rapidly before dying about 7 years later and leaving the company to his four sons.

The four sons were able to further scale the business by acquiring other chain stores. One of the chain stores the brothers acquired was Winn & Lovett. The store had 73 locations by the time they brothers bought it. They decided to adopt the name of the store for all the stores they owned. The brothers later purchased more chain stores including the Dixie supermarket chain. They then changed the Winn & Lovett name to Winn-Dixie. The new supermarket chain continued buying more supermarket chains over the years. Even though the supermarket chain later became public, the Davis family retained the majority control of the company.

However, things changed in 2011. The company was acquired by BI-LO supermarkets. This ended nearly 70 years of ownership by the Davis family. The company is now under the umbrella of Southeastern Grocers. Southeastern Grocers is a holding company that runs multiple grocery chain stores operating in the Southeastern areas of the United States.

In the more than 80 years it has been in existence, the Winn-Dixie brand has declared bankruptcy a number of times. This has resulted in the closing and selling of locations or restructuring. However, almost every time it has declared bankruptcy, it has always bounced back stronger. As of now, the supermarket chain has operations in 495 locations in the states of Florida (where the chain was founded), Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, and Alabama.

As of 2014, Winn-Dixie was making about $10 billion in revenue every year and a tidy sum in operational income every annum. The supermarket chain also has a significant workforce of more than forty thousand workers. It is now headquartered in the city of Jacksonville, Florida. Winn-Dixie is heavily involved in the Jacksonville community; it partly sponsors the local NFL franchise – Jacksonville Jaguars. It also sponsors racing cars and race events in southeastern US and elsewhere around the country.

Although the supermarket brand stocks a variety of products in its stores, it is best known as a neighborhood grocery chain. Winn-Dixie has four major departments; the Frozen department, the Deli department, the Kosher department, and the bakery.  The frozen department has many fresh but frozen vegetables. The Deli and the bakery departments are pretty self-explanatory, while the kosher department sells food that meets Jewish dietary requirements. The supermarket chain also provides in-store services including money transfer services, lottery ticket sales, and freshly cut flowers.

With all these products available in-store, you will be glad to know that there are a variety of ways you can reduce your order totals on the site. The number one way is by using the company's coupon codes. The company has some exciting deals to get you to save more and pay less when doing your weekly or monthly shopping. Apart from the coupons, there are several other ways you can pay less at Winn-Dixie stores or on its website. 

Winn-Dixie Free Shipping Policy

Winn-Dixie does not offer online shopping. You have to go to their stores to buy the stuff you want and then organize for the stuff to be transported back to your house if you can't do it yourself. One of the ways you can organize is to sign up with Winn-Dixie affiliate, St. They have shoppers who will do the shopping for you for a small fee. They usually provide new customers with discounts on their first shopping order.

Winn-Dixie Return Policy

At this point in time, there are no indications that Winn-Dixie accepts the return of its products based on the information provided on the website. However, based on other information we found, it is possible that you could get store credit (for future purchases) in case you returned a product to the store with its receipt.

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How to Use Winn-Dixie Coupon Codes?

First of all, Winn-Dixie does accept coupon codes from manufacturers. Secondly, the company has its own coupon codes know as Digital Coupons. Digital coupons enable shoppers to save good money when buying groceries from the grocery chain store. Check out the guide below on how to use both types of codes.

1.       Visit the official Winn-Dixie website.

2.       Register for the company's SE Grocers Rewards program. [This will take less than five minutes]

3.       Hover your computer's cursor over the savings tab and click on digital coupons. This will reveal all the available digital coupons.

4.       Click on the 'ADD' button on the coupons you want to use. This will activate the coupons in your SE Grocers Rewards online account.

5.       Visit the nearest Winn-Dixie and do your shopping.

6.       Provide your phone number during checkout so that the cashier can connect to your rewards account and apply your activated coupons. Your discount will be applied and you will pay less at the counter.

As you can see, there is nothing difficult about applying Winn-Dixie promotion codes. There is also no code needed for using their coupon codes and no limit as to the number of coupon codes you can activate. However, you must know that the codes have expiry dates. Make sure you use your added coupon before it expires. 

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How to Save on Winn Dixie?

After reading this bit of our page, shopping will become much more fun for you. You will be able to save tens if not hundreds of dollars weekly by doing things as detailed below.

First of all, immediately after you are done reading this page, make sure you register for SE rewards. SE stands for Southeastern Grocers, the mother company of Winn Dixie. SE rewards is a single loyalty scheme for rewarding those who shop at Winn-Dixie stores and other SE-owned stores such as Harveys Supermarkets, and BI-LO. Every qualifying purchase you make at any Winn-Dixie store or any of the other stores will earn you points that you can redeem. The points can reduce your budget on groceries or fuel; every 100 points can give you a discount of $1 off your groceries order total, while the same amount of points can give you a discount of five cents per gallon on fuel. This rewards program is definitely a nice incentive to encourage people to shop at Winn-Dixie and other participating stores.

Secondly, there are dozens of digital coupons on the official Winn-Dixie website that you can also take advantage of. You will need to simply log in to your rewards account on the Winn-Dixie website and clip/ activate the coupons for the products you are going to buy. You should then visit your neighborhood Winn-Dixie store and buy the products you have activated coupons for. When checking out, tell the cashier you got coupons that you would like to use, they will ask you for your phone number to link to your online rewards account and apply the coupons to your order.

Lastly, you can also save at Winn-Dixie by viewing the grocery's Weekly AD. The Ad is a collection of great products that are on sale. The Ad also lists hundreds of Buy One Get One free item. The Ad is available for viewing and download on Winn Dixie's website.

With these many offers, deals, and promotions, you can see why it was stated that you could save hundreds of dollars a week at this chain store. 

Winn-Dixie Review

Winn-Dixie was founded in the year 1927 by William Davis. Before founding the supermarket, Davis had been involved in the running of a general store that was not very successful. However, with his new enterprise, he seemed to have decided to make it work; and in the end, it worked. The company grew rapidly and was able to add more stores before the untimely demise of Mr. Davis. However, his sons were able to successfully take over the business. They worked hard to grow the supermarket chain even further. They also introduced quite a number of new product categories and somewhat modernized the store. However, the company was acquired by another company by the name of Southeastern Grocers in 2015. This new company has brought in much more stability and profitability

The supermarket has a good variety of products but their special focus is on vegetables. One of the supermarket's best products comes not in the form of a natural food product but in the form of soda. Winn-Dixie makes its own brand of soda known as Chek. The soda is relatively popular in a few places and earns the company a good amount of money. The good thing about the soda is that it is value-priced. This makes it cheaper than its alternatives. Moreover, it is available in a good variety of flavors including strawberry, orange, grape, and cola flavors.

There are many offers and deals you can enjoy on the Winn-Dixie website. Just make sure you follow the directions provided on this page. For example, make sure you register for the company's loyalty program to earn points that you can later redeem. Also, make sure you frequently check out Winn-Dixie's Weekly Ad to see the latest products on sale at the supermarket. 

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