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How to Use Marlboro Coupon Codes?

You can use the printable coupons of Marlboro easily during the checkout at the retail outlet.

Marlboro Coupons

How to Save from Marlboro?

They are some ways by which you can use the offers and discounts on Marlboro without using the coupons. These are:

1. Sign up using your email ID in order to remain updated about the latest offers of Marlboro.

2. In certain the special occasions such as for as Valentine's day, Black Friday, Christmas, New Year eve etc., you can Marlboro products at good prices.

Marlboro Review

Marlboro Coupons

Marlboro brand is considered to be the best selling cigarette brand in the world since 1972.

Here are a few ways which you can follow while purchasing the Marlboro products, to get discounts:

1. Try to find coupons and promo codes on different online sites in order to avail the discounts while buying Marlboro products.

2. Sign up using your email, to get the latest offers in your mailbox.

3. By logging into the homepage of the Marlboro website, you can get access to the latest information and promotions. Navigate to the Promotions or Coupons section. In the account icon that is present in the top right corner of the page, you can see the available offers.

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About Marlboro

Marlboro is a brand of cigarettes in America. Philip Morris USA which is a branch of Altria owns and manufactures it in the USA. In 1902, a New York subsidiary was opened by the London based cigarette maker, for selling various brands of cigarette.

Philip Morris International which is separated from Altria manufactures it outside the United States. The largest Marlboro cigarette manufacturing plant is in Richmond, Virginia. under the brand "Marlboro".The products of Marlboro were organized by Philip Morris International into 3 products line named Flavour line, which is the original red or full-flavored cigarettes; Gold Line which is the former lights and Fresh Line which involves flavored cigarettes.

In 1908, the registration of the mark "Marlboro" occurred in the United States. Till 19923, no cigarette has this name marked on it. When the brand was first launched in 1924, it was marketed as "American Luxury Cigarette" whose main areas of selling were hotels and the resorts.

It's advertising as a women's cigarette began in around 1930. This was based on a slogan called "Mild as May".Its name had been derived from the name of a street location of the Philip Morris's British factory. In the initial part of 1885, the brand was called "Marlborough" which was sold by Philip Morris as a ladies favorite. In order to attract the masses. The advertisement of the cigarette as based on the way in which the

filter cigarette appeared to be ladylike. The cigarette had a red band at its end for hiding the lipstick stains, because of which it as called as "Beauty Tips to Keep the Paper from Your Lips".

There was a stagnation of the brand sales at less than 1% of the sale of tobacco in the US when it was withdrawn from the market. The brands which were still on sale after the war was

Camel, Lucky Strike, and Chesterfield.

In 1950, Scientists published a study which indicated that smoking was linked to lung cancer. So, Phillip Morris repositioned its cigarette as men's cigarette. This was done to make sure that it fits the niche of those people who were concerned about lung cancer. During that period, the filtered cigarettes were thought to be safer compared to the unfiltered ones.

The designer named Frank Giianninoto was behind the red and white package design. At the top of the pack, the emblem was placed with a common Latin expression Veni, Vidi, Vici, whose author was Julius Caesar. Chicago advertiser named Leo Burnett handed the repositioning of Marlboro as men's cigarette. The campaign proposed for lining up manly figures such as the sea captains, weightlifters, correspondents of the war, construction workers, etc . of which the cowboy was the first one. Still, there was some concern regarding the campaign which was then given a green light.

In 1932, the Canadian rights were sold by Phillip Morris to Marlboro name Imperial Tobacco Canada. The brand was successfully relaunched in America in the 1950s.In Canada, the Imperial Tobacco is sold with a packaging that is different from that of Phillip Morris.

There was a rise in the market share of Marlboro from less than 1% to the 4th best selling brand which motivated Phillip Morris for dropping the lineup of various manly figures and remain attached with the cowboy. Thus it was known as a Marlboro man at a later stage. Then the Elmer Bernstein's theme from The Magnificent Seven was used from the year 1963.

There was an introduction of the Marlboro "Longhorn 100s" in the later part of the 1960s. They were color coded with gold, full flavor cigarettes and not lights. Phillip Morris is not using the words such as "Lights", "Ultra-Lights", "Medium", "Mild", or such similar words, in order to comply with the court ruling of 2006 in the United States. This is done in order to prevent any kind of fake impression that they are safer compared to the regular full-flavored cigarettes. This made the cigarette companies along with Marlboro to use only color coding, such as the Marlboro Lights are referred to as the Marlboro Gold Pack.

In order to respond to the popularity of the Pall Mall. which was positioned at number three, Marlboro pushed its Special Blends cigarette at a low price range.

Rothmans, Benson & Hedges, which were the Philip Morris International's Canadian affiliate introduced a new product named "rooftop" trade dress that became the "World Famous Imported Blend" without any brand name in 2006.

"Marlboro 2.0" was introduced by Phillip Morris in 2013 in which the dark red in the pack design had been changed to lighter red and the "Marlboro" and Philip Morris logo were made more transparent and ribbed. In 2017, "SmartSEAL" was introduced in order to ensure the freshness of the cigarettes for a longer time.

An announcement for the introduction of "Firm Filter" in the Marlboro Red, Gold, Silver Blue, Ice Blast and White Menthol, was announced by Philip Morris in 2015. This was done in order to provide quality and make stubbing out the cigarette cleaner.

Use the printable coupons or promo codes while purchasing Marlboro products, to get them at good discounts.

Marlboro Free Shipping Policy

If you had requested any product or won any prizes, gifts or coupons, then it may need 10-14 weeks to be delivered to the address specified by you. It can even be delivered sooner. You need to check with the website to see if there are any offers of free shipping by Marlboro.

Marlboro Return Policy

In case you received the wrong product or the quality of the product is not satisfactory, then you can contact the customer support from 9 AM to 5 PM ET on weekdays, to get the issue resolved.

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